Friday, November 6, 2009

Pendulum Swings

Pendulum Swings

History tells us again, the pendulum swings. Whatever the course of government, the reaction will come as sure as day or night. Whether it is a reaction to Health Care or the loss of jobs, people will react and the polls will swing.

The last three weeks have seen unprecedented coverage of every nuance of the Health Care reform Act(s). Every politico and pundit has weighed in, and Congress has responded. Hr3962 is a Bill on its way. Congress has also responded to public outcry with another extension of Unemployment. The economy has started growing again, with a respectable 3.2% growth rate. This seems to be a good sign that the Democrats have gotten some things right. However, two new Governors have also been elected. Far from the expected outcome, both are from the Republican Party.


The unemployment rate is up to 10.2%. A new extension has been enacted, but the dragging on of the arguments for and against universal Health Care, the failure to act quickly on another extension of Unemployment and the failure of the President to back either decisively has cost the Democrats dearly. It is a fact that constituents who cannot pay their bills will look where they see light.

In 1980, voters weary of being poor became the Reagan Democrats. In 2009 there is the greatest hue and cry of the modern age for politicians to listen.. After a time, even Congress has heard the call and answered, just not soon enough. The world moves very swiftly in 2009. Hours can see a major story become old, stale news. The politicians need to adapt to the new reality on the ground, or be buried in it. The rhetorical pendulum will swing back. The question is whether any of our leaders can catch it.