Saturday, January 8, 2011

Birds Are Dying In Vast Numbers

There have been a few rather frightening incidents of late, concerning die offs of large numbers of birds.

Birds Died In Arkansas From 'Impact Trauma,' Pathologists Say

Link to NPR Article

'Thousands of birds die outside Beebe Arkansas', on New Years Eve.
Hundreds of birds die off in an incident in Point Coupee Parish, Louisiana. Even Sweden has recently had a problem keeping their birds aloft.In Falkoeping, Sweden, Christopher Olofsson,of rescue services reported 50-100 Jackdaws on the ground. "Most of them were dead", Olofsson said.

Now, as strange as this may sound, on the face of it, this kind of thing is reported to happen in the U.S. over a hundred times a year according to the Government. The National Wildlife Health Center in Madison, Wis.has stated that there seems to be nothing of a nature of illness wrong with the birds, and they all seem to have died from mass trauma. In all, the government agencies are quite confident that these birds, although unfortunate, are not unusual.

Here in Caledonia, we have had a rash of our own this year. Ten or fifteen times, while out filling the bird feeders, or doing some chores in the garden,even once when we were just out there for the heck of it, my wife and I have been finding mysteriously dead birds. Now, mind you, these are not falling out of the sky like rain, but neither do they have any obvious marks, or show any signs of attack. These birds look for all the world like they should be able to get up and fly away, yet there they are, dead. Maybe we should collect one or two and ship them off to Madison, Wis, and see if there isn't a real mystery here....Maybe I will.

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