Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tools of the Wheel Wright- background of Tom Cutter

In a review of Tom Cutter's life,  visualize what things looked like and how the world was in the 1840's of the Michigan Frontier. I am doing this piece from my growing and continuing story 'The Challenge of Tom Cutter.' The story is taking place in the 1840-50's, as events unfolded. In the coming chapters:
 Tom has more trouble than he can handle as someone comes calling on the Yankee Springs Trail.
Tom has a time of it when he runs into someone who has some making up to do;
Jubal was a handful from the word go, but Tom's firm hand and Open heart show the way.
Available by going to http://  click on authors then goto j_darling, the Challenge of Tom Cutter

I can see this place as the shop of Tom's cousin,George.

Here is a collection fit to open Tom's shop in Brownsville.

A nice wheelwright's Lathe (like George ultimately gave Tom)

The building of a good Hub insured that the wheel would be as solid as could be hoped for.
Join me in my exploration of another time as I continue and broaden the story of Tom Cutter. I have gotten him started in frontier Michigan. He has had some genuine adventures and will be having more as he gets to know his new, frontier life, and the people who are waiting to be part of his future. Go to, look up Author-j_darling- small j then underscore, then, darling, all small letters. they may ask you to sign up, but it is free, and there is no obligation to write, although it is nice to have if you ever want to. There is a wonderful community of folks at, come in and look around. (and read about Tom)

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