Friday, October 16, 2009

Forty seven million uninsured . America has forty seven million uninsured*. I can't even wrap my mind around that. That someone finds it acceptable to still allow billions of health care dollars, in a rigged game, to be siphoned off as though it were a public feeding trough is even more amazing to me. Yet here we are.

The senate bill on Health care is a joke (America's Healthy Future Act). HR3200 is a lot closer but no one even makes believe that it is anything but a starting point in negotiations**.

The problem with the attitude in Washington is always the same - they think we will forget.

Of course, they think we'll forget because we do.

The insurance companies act as though they are just another free enterprise, but they have eliminated any real competition (antitrust exemption, allowances to adjust premium and access any way they like). They feel free to reset the rules any time or way that they can agree (with each other, no need to worry about law) in their own best interest to do so. I say to you in the health care business, YOU do this:

1. By treating Drs. as though they were cattle (or chattel), holding the prod to them to accept ever smaller fees, ever-increasing patient loads and never-ending demands to "do more with less" (ref; any health policy you like). These beaureaucratic fools decide who or what gets treated at all. Doctors are constantly forced to abandon practices and policies decided for the good of the patient, simply to up the bonus for you crooks, upon whom we have no choice but to depend. These are the same crooks we have heard for years tell us it was in our own best interest.

2. By scalping the public, getting ever-higher premiums and returning ever-less coverage and service with each passing year. This, while paying millions in 'sick tribute' to politicians who have protected you against everything from anti-trust to even having to reveal how much of the 'blood money' you collect would ever be used for any actual health care. You have paid your way from even having to refrain from rigging standards and prices (for which people in any other business go to jail), because as long as you all deny coverage for a pre-existing condition or make actual sick people just do without, it will seem to be the norm. As long as everybody does it, it's OK, right?

And now you on the right have the unmitigated gall to try and make these plunderers of our country seem like some sea of saints, with jobs that need to be protected. You belong in jail.

*Census Bureau and CDC figures combined.
** Quote: Dingell(D)Mich in Huffington Post(10-15-09)

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