Thursday, October 29, 2009

Good For The Goose

Why should we demand leadership? It is clear our President has his mind made up on certain issues. He is not inclined to let us push him into making what HE considers to be one-sided legislation. He will not kowtow to the feeling among us, his supporters, that he needs to put a stop to Republican smear and disinformation campaigns, or put them in their place when they promote violence or intimidate the rest of us. He has his principles.

The real problem, Mr. President, is that, while you are willing to push back at, chide or openly deride our efforts, it seems to be a one way street. It seems you want to be a peacemaker, bipartisan, and unite instead of divide.

I am sure the lure of appeasement is strong. The only thing wrong with appeasement is: It Does Not Work. History is full of examples. England’s attempt with Hitler is the most famous. Anyone who has ever had to finally deal with a schoolyard bully is aware of this. No matter what you do, they are going to attempt to undermine you. The fact that you want a more united country is admirable. The fact that you're pursuing it at the cost of the country, while we need your actual leadership, is not.

The fact is, when you push at your support base, and bow to your opponents, you weaken us all. These acts of appeasement, however well-intended, are giving strength and encouragement to the enemy. The likes of Randall Terry are only brave enough to make the statements they do because they know full well you won’t lift a finger to stop them. The time to make steps toward greater unity between the parties is when the stakes are smaller, the political noise softer.The most important legislation of the century, Health Care Reform, is on the line.It is utterly irresponsible to put politics above this. It seriously makes me wonder whose side you are on.

The answer, and request, are simple. Make this your hallmark: When it is important enough, you will stand. No matter what your peaceful, unifying leaning might be, you will have to eventually take a stand. DO IT NOW!

The long trail of collateral damage from your seeming indecision and unwillingness to be strong must end now. Right now there are still enough of us behind you for it to matter. I ask you, no, We ask you, please take the stand for a strong public option and put this thing to bed, once and for the sake of us all.

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