Saturday, October 3, 2009

Welcome to the new world. I am a middle aged American with a pretty firm grip on reality, and a view to express. This being America and the internet, I can do that. I don't know that I can say where all this ability to say what I mean will lead right away, but it's time for a lot of us to stand up and be heard, and I by God intend to do just that. I suppose I should give a rough idea of who I am in that regard.
I like the idea of a public option and health insurance for all Americans, and I really think that expanding Medicare to age 0 would be a pretty good way to do that. I like a lot of what our new president espouses, but I think he needs to get a pair and stand up!
Mr. President, quit being so damn wishey-washy! The Republicans don't like you, they aren't ever going to do you any favors, this war between the parties being a knock-down-drag-out, all or nothing affair is at their insistence so put them where they belong. There is no middle ground when you are deciding whether Americans deserve medical care...they do! There also isn't any negotiating whether they deserve to unnecessarily die... they don't! All of you guys in Washington act as though you come right out of the funny papers. You get the idea that if people are sick of the fighting then every issue should be decided as buddies. This is nonsense. If an entire party is willing to go along with defending profits at the cost of our entire economy, it is no longer a matter of differing viewpoints. You are the new Sherriff and you have a job to do. Do it!
That all said I will have to go for tonight, but there is so much left to cover, discuss, discourse and get out the word about that I will see you later.

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