Monday, October 26, 2009

Two Votes

Two votes and we win! Harry Reid tells us we are just a couple of votes shy on Health Care Reform.

Sounds too good to be true, you say? Well, that may be. Did you ever think, just for a second, that you had won the big prize in a contest, then find out about the "well, shucks?" The prize, and your winnings are all in great big print, and the part that tells you how to get that prize (well, shucks, there is a little something else first) is in the much smaller print? Then you find out, page after page, that there is a whole lot to this "little something", and you really didn't win anything.

Welcome to the American Way, the Senate, and Harry Reid's two votes. Well shucks, it's only Two votes to go. Harry Reid tells us we are two votes shy.

I was once a car salesman, and the way we were taught to do things was very simple. First you get them to love the car (don't talk about price) then you explain all the features, what it will do for them and get them to like you (do not talk about price). Repeat these steps and while you are at it say things about the dealer that will make them like him (I told you, no price!). All through this posturing, you and your manager are figuring out exactly what the person in question will like and hate about... the price. Any of this posturing and sleight of hand looking familiar? ...Harry, tell us the price.

The things to know about the last two votes that aren't true about any of the others is that we need those more, they stand out, and they also (the two voters) Know this.

Being one of those votes puts them in a powerful position. They can do a lot of neat stuff. They can hold us up as sure as two masked men with guns pointed at the stage coach driver. They may want special favors thrown in to the bill. They may want a guarantee on a bill they sponsor. They may want open blackmail. Makes it seem kind of silly to ever let it get to that, doesn't it?

It can seem to be a real game changer. But wait, there's more! After it starts to look like those guys are going to have all this weight to throw around, that starts to look pretty good to some of the others. So, what do you know, now we suddenly have a few 'undecided' votes start to show up. These guys were with the bill in the first place, and for all the right reasons, but it would be irresponsible to throw away the opportunity for a deal like that. Wouldn't it?

Now, here we are, wheels spinning and no traction. All kinds start to get ideas at a time like this. It's kind of like a two minute warning in football. It can really mean 'only an hour' left to go, because all the jockeying starts there.

Two votes to go. Good luck Harry, may the Gods be with you.

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  1. Damn straight! And mighty fine editing as well.