Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Story of Stuff- With a Science Perspective

We have allowed a bunch of Corporations with a very vested interest to take over our country. They did this with a plan and a purpose; to get filthy rich to the point where the money could no longer even mean anything. Annie Leonard is going to explain the plan.
 What I want you to get is that this is not a conspiracy theory, it is not self-aggrandizing from tree-huggers. This is how come we all notice that our lives are so different and lacking in purpose.It is why we cannot get off the merry-go-round. It is why we ruin the forest, the people of the third world countries, our jobs and everything we ever held dear. It is a crazy train out of control. America can't be the bad guy, serving our selfish fat asses. But you know what? We are.
 We got snookered by a bunch of people who would do anything to be in charge. I am quite certain these were the kids who got their butts whooped on the way home from school. They are in Charge. We are on a spinning top and we need to remember who we are.
 It has gotten so that people flock to churches because they are so afraid of these changes. STOP THESE CHANGES. GET OFF THE FERRIS WHEEL.Go back to church 'cause you like it, not to be sure you are on the right side.
 It is time we demand more from our leaders. I knew something was funny when somehow, the Tea Party and the environmentalists were really on the same page. We all want the same thing. The Billionaires do not. They are not out to help us. This is the beginning of saying no to this and taking our lives and our country back. Join Me. ..Jeff Darling

By now a lot of you have seen 'The Story of Stuff, by Annie Leonard and the Story of Stuff Project. I firmly congratulate and appreciate the vision Annie Leonard and a handful of others show when they make these things to get through to us. Thank you...Jeff Darling

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