Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Help TKAG Stop Fracking

Help TKAG Stop Fracking.

This is a film from some friends of mine in the Karoo. This is a portion of South Africa. It is a beautiful place, which still contains wild lands and native people in some of it. They have seen the effects of Fracking. They are standing up. Shell Oil is the purveyor this time. WE need to stand with them and learn from them. I cannot be sure if there is a safe way to conduct this practice of Fracking.

I do know that the Oil Companies are determined to buffalo their way through without finding out. If they bully us into submission, they will do whatever they please, as the bill that has protected them so far says they don't have to test, report or take responsibility for the damages caused by the practice of Fracking. Bush and Cheney hid this free pass into other legislation. This is called Halliburton's bill. Look it up.

The Oil and gas companies who use this process(and it is nearly all of them) are pumping millions of gallons of Diesel fuel, hydraulic fluid and whatever they like, into the ground.  Support the protectors of the Karoo. Stop Fracking here, until it is proven what it will take for this practice to be safe...Jeff Darling 

A Few words from the leader of the "Save the Karoo"movement: my friend, Louise Maartens Venter:

This is something all South Africans should see. Please act against fracking now before it's
too late. It's about our health, our water, our landscape, our people, our economic 
upliftment, our future and our children's heritage. Shell and others want to start with 24 wells. Gas is NOT a renewable or sustainable source of energy, it is NOT more ozone friendly. Please don't believe the propaganda. Read up and decide for yourself.

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  1. This idiocracy needs to be stopped... We need to be intelligent about this... Let them destroy their own farmlands, and then when they can't produce food anymore... Charge them all of their blood money