Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan suffers Mega-Quake, 8.9 and Tsunami,up to 1000 dead

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It seems like the end of WWII again.Mass destruction on an untold scale, images that numb the soul. Japan has seen hard times lately. It has been ten years since the beginning of the Japanese Economic slump.It seemed for a while as though things might be picking up in the longest stagnant economy in recent memory. Unfortunately the deck just gets more and more rigged in a country that is considered doomed. With a population that is even older than the U.S. and Europe(overall) things could hardly look worse for this once economic superpower.
The problems for Japan are so many. Besides the number of elderly, which is growing daily, the population is shrinking so there is no growth to be seen anywhere, which would help to level the age problem.Japan has survived this long, at least twenty years , buy selling their debt to their own people. Their circumstance is the worst of the industrial western world.
After all this, Japan suffered its worst earthquake in recorded history today, along with over sixty aftershocks. It is a testament to human will how these people keep going under the circumstances they endure.
Reports have the death toll will be over 1000 dead, and there are thousands missing right now.
On top of this, several nuclear facilities were gaining pressure as they tried cool-down emergency procedures. The control rooms were reported to contain atmosphere with 100 times approved radiation levels. The auto industries were in the midst of their greatest change over in years, as they prepared to start most of their production in electric motor-vehicles as opposed to the traditional gas. It is going to be a" long climb for Japan" according to Naoto Kan, Prime Minister.
We wish you well, Japan...Jeff Darling

Japan has suffered a Mega-quake. 8.9 Richter and a follow-up of several severe aftershocks, along with a major Tsunami, seen here

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