Thursday, March 24, 2011

Not Just Polar Bears- Endangered species abound

The day gets closer and closer. Global warming is a reality. Someone told me recently, God said He would not wipe out man with another flood, and that is how we know it is not real. I tell you- Global warming is not about a flood.It is about animals that cannot reproduce, that cannot feed their young, that cannot adapt anywhere near as quickly as we can corrupt. Man is the destroyer: of a million acres a week in each great Rain Forest, of the ice caps at the north an south poles, of the air we breathe. And those who "Forge Her Beauty Into Power" will do anything to keep us in their stranglehold.

The tortoise changes the sex of its offspring if the ambient temperature is 4 degrees over normal. What will they do if they can only produce females? The Salmon, such a wonder of nature(just ask the Bear) is helpless to decline without the cold stream water. Ocean dwellers have a little more chance to move and avoid the excess warmth. What about those who feed on them? The Puffin for example, cannot fly miles further offshore to gather the fish they eat and bring them home to the chicks.

Corals are going faster yet. 10 years ago 2% were endangered now there are 30% of coral endangered as the oceans change faster every year. 
The freak weather associated with the climate changes continue to hold some of our most precious species hostage. Imagine a day without the Monarch Butterfly. Just recently 80% were wiped out by colder than normal storms, and the rain is predicted again this year. It isn't always the big change that causes the most impact. Bighorn Sheep, Pica, Snowy Owls are just some of the animals that need to move higher or further North, but what if they can't even find it? It is past time to act. Act, before it is too late.

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